Donate Blood - Cambodia

In Cambodia, there are often Dire Shortages of stored, donated blood. Monthly/annual collections fall dramatically below estimated needs. Numerous Infants, Children, Mothers, Other Individuals, perhaps even someone you know or love, DIE EACH DAY due to a LACK OF AVAILABLE BLOOD PRODUCTS. 

Our 1st Blood Donation Program was held at the National Pediatric Hospital HCVI Medical Library Auditorium on March 5, 2016, from 08:00 - 18:00. The day was a great success.

Regularly scheduled Blood Drives in Cambodia are now beginning to take place under Blood Donor International sponsorship.

Visit the Page Upcoming Blood Drives in order to

In the meantime, there remains an enormous need in Cambodia and we encourage everyone to BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION. Take the first step and Make the Cambodia Blood Donor Pledge. Join Blood Donor International as we move towards a Day When No Individual Dies or Suffers from a Lack of Donated Blood in Cambodia

Walk-in donations may be given any day at the National Blood Transfusion Center. (Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin Blvd (271), Phnom Penh) It is easy to do and you will be helping to save up to 3 lives.

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