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In Cambodia, there are often Dire Shortages of stored, donated blood. Monthly/annual collections fall significantly below estimated needs. Numerous Infants, Children, Mothers, and Other Individuals, perhaps even someone you know or love, DIE EACH DAY due to a LACK OF AVAILABLE BLOOD PRODUCTS.

Blood Donor International began to focus on Blood Donation in Cambodia in February of 2016. BDI has developed a multifaceted plan of engagement that involves marketing, capacity building (equipment, process realignment, etc), as well as sponsorship and coordination of monthly Blood Drive programs. 

Automation and streamlining of the blood collection process will result in significantly greater levels of efficiency, in addition to a much-enhanced donor experience. Our goal is to annually increase total donations by 30% through a variety of mechanisms and pathways..

Blood Donor International hosted its first Blood Drive on March 5, 2016, at the HCVI Medical Library at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh (where  HCVI_Cambodia and BDI_Cambodia are based). We continue to work towards a Day When No Individual Dies or Suffers from a Lack of Donated Blood in Cambodia.