Donate Blood

Donating Blood is one of the easiest ways you can make a difference in the world around you.

In times of need, access to a safe and reliable source of blood products can be LIFE-SAVING. In fact, it may save your life or that of a friend or someone that you love.

Dr. Duggan has a deep personal appreciation of the importance of having stored donated blood available. While on a volunteer trip with HCVI.orgBlood Donor International's parent organization - he was involved in a near fatal motor vehicle accident in the mountains of Nicaragua. In addition to over 25 bone fractures and significant soft tissue injury, he experienced massive blood loss, requiring 28 units of blood transfusion in the first 48 hours of hospitalization.

Without the immediate availability of stored blood that existed at the time of his accident, he feels certain he would not have survived the accident.  "I had always had a firm commitment to blood donation and recognition of its importance in patient care. I have had occasions, in fact, where there was a need to donate my own blood to a patient before performing surgery while working abroad. I feel it is a responsibility of every health care provider to become regular donors. Beyond this, really everyone should consider it their responsibility to donate blood on a regular basis. One never knows when they or someone they know will need to be on the receiving end of a transfusion. I am a great example of this. Obviously, my accident and the life-saving benefit of donated blood has only reaffirmed my belief that donating blood is a societal responsibility."

Blood Donor International