Blood Donor International

Why Donate?

Why should I give blood?

Medical technology has provided many life-saving discoveries over the years, but there is still no substitute for blood. In a medical emergency, often the most important element is the availability of blood. Blood donations can help a variety of individuals: trauma victims, surgery patients, premature babies, individuals with anemia, cancer patients and many more.

Your blood can be used to help save 3 lives.

1 unit of whole blood (350 ml) can be separated into different components which can be used to save 3 lives.


Red cells may be used for patients with cancer, burns, trauma from traffic accident, major surgery and mothers who haemorrhage during childbirth.


Plasma contains very important proteins, nutrients and clotting factors which help to prevent and stop bleeding. It helps patients with dengue fever, trauma, burns and blood diseases.


Platelets are important for ensuring our blood can clot when needed. Platelets also contain growth factors that aid in the repair of damaged body tissue.

Platelets help patients with low platelet count or non-functioning platelets who are bleeding or at high risk of bleeding. This may occur during high dose chemotherapy, major surgery, liver disease or severe trauma.