REGISTER for December 16, 2017, Blood Drive

In advance, we would like to THANK YOU for your participation in the December 16, 2017, Blood Donation Program.  Give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing something really great for others on this day!

Steps to Take:

Step 1:      REGISTER

Choose a time to donate by selecting the appropriate link below and completing the form. Walk-ins will be welcome as well. Choose WALK IN if you do not know what time you will Donate BUT are Committed to Donating on December 16, 2017, at some time during the day. Knowing the Number of ALL Intended Donors helps BDI better prepare.

0800          0830          0900          0930          1000        1030          1100   1130          1200          1230          1300          1330        1400          1430   1500          1530          1600          1630          1700        1730          1800                                                       

                                                  WALK IN

Step 2:      PREPARE

Maintain a healthy level of iron in your diet before and after your donation. Hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids in the 24 hours before and after your donation.

Step 3:      SCREENING
Complete the Blood Donor International Screening Questionnaire. This can be done online now or we can assist you at the time of your scheduled donation.

Step 4:      DONATE

On December 16, 2017, come to the National Pediatric Hospital at the time that you selected in Step 2. Complete the blood donation process.

Step 5:      RELAX

Congratulate yourself on a job well done! Grab some cookies and juice and then enjoy the rest of your day having done something great for others.


National Pediatric Hospital

HCVI Medical Library

Blood Donor International

The Donation Experience

​The Donation Process​

Eligibility: Can You Donate?