Make the Cambodia Blood Donor Pledge

In Cambodia, there are often Dire Shortages of stored, donated blood. Monthly/annual collections fall significantly below estimated needs. Numerous Infants, Children, Mothers, and Other Individuals perhaps even someone you know or love, DIE EACH DAY due to a LACK OF AVAILABLE BLOOD PRODUCTS. 

BECOME an individual who is committed to ending the shortage of stored donated blood in Cambodia and Make the Cambodia Blood Donor Pledge. We are asking that you make a commitment to donate approximately once every 3 months.

We will send you periodic updates regarding our progress as well as reminders of upcoming blood donation opportunities, related events, and other ways you might support Blood Donation in Cambodia. 

Of course, you can donate any day of your choosing at the NBTC.

Thank you for your interest and commitment!

Please select the Button below and SIGN UP. Each of you who Make the Cambodia Blood Donor Pledge helps bring us one step closer to a Day When No Individual Dies or Suffers from a Lack of Donated Blood in Cambodia. Don't forget to REGISTER for Our Next Blood Drive as well.

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